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 These are the actual measurements of our clothes. For the best fit in your new designer dog clothes, we recommend allowing 1-2" of room in the neck and chest. Please note the rain jackets have very little stretch. All sizes listed below are in inches.






000 8" 11" 9"
00 10" 15" 11"
0 12" 18" 12"
1 14" 22" 14"
2 16" 24" 15"
3 18" 27" 17"
4 20" 30" 19"
5 22" 32" 21"
6 23" 38"



We make our dog clothes a little longer + a bit bigger in the chest to accommodate big chested breeds, like dachshunds and pitbulls - plus a special size for the short bodied frenchies. If your pet falls in between sizes choose the larger size.    


Size 000 Teacup Dogs and dogs 5 pounds and under
Size 00 Standard yorkies, Chihuahuas, Maltese, Small cats
Size 0 Shih Tzu's, Mini Dachshunds (10-13 pounds), Cats
Size 1 Pugs, Boston terriers and Mini Dachshunds (14-16 pounds)
Size 2 French Bulldog, Pugs, Italian Greyhound, Standard Dachshund
Size 3 French bulldogs, English bulldogs and Corgis
Size 4 Cockapoos, English bulldogs, Border Collie, Corgis
Size 5 Labs, English bulldogs
Size 6 American bulldogs and Boxers, Labs, Great Danes (stretchy apparel)

How do you measure your dog?

Measure around the neck as you would for a collar. Allow some room for a comfortable fit. 
Measure the chest girth at its widest point behind the front legs, all the way around. If the dog has a large girth, we recommend going up a size.
Measure from the base of your dog's neck to the base of the tail. 


How to Put on and Take off a Sharper Barker Dog Hoodie

How to put on and & take off a dog hoodie. The same method applies for our dog crew sweaters, tees and turtlenecks. Our rain jackets are also done the same way except for the velcro, which is attached from top to bottom. 

*Big Dogs* When taking off, simply get them to put their head down and effortlessly pull it over their head. They will then step out of the hoodie. If getting them to put their head down is a challenge, try holding a treat close to the floor so their head will drop.   

If you need any assistance with sizing please email us