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Hi! My name is Chantel, and along with my little weenie Dash, we are the faces behind the brand.



The Sharper Barker designs luxury goods for dogs of all sizes, from teacup chihuahuas to giant and gentle great danes. The Sharper Barker was inspired by a little dachshund with a big personality, named Dash. As typical dachshunds do he refused to go outside in any weather that was cold or wet, and he was always shivering.

We quickly discovered that clothes at the pet stores didn't fit his long-cold-body great, or the arms were too long (see our sleeveless hoodies) for his stubby legs. The dog clothes that did fit, the fabric was synthetic, and the quality for the most, was poor. Synthetic fabrics typically make for a not so comfy and unbreathable sweater. They are also bad for the earth. This is when The Sharper Barker was born. It was important to us that we choose our dogs clothes mindfully and shop for clothes that are made from breathable and comfortable materials. After all our dogs safety and wellbeing is our responsibility, and our dogs depend on us.

Searching for the perfect fabric is when we came across bamboo and instantly fell in love with it's antibacterial qualities, how incredibly breathable it is and how luxuriously soft it feels. Did you know bamboo fabric is naturally UV protected? It protects from up to 97.5% of harmful UV rays. Plus it's Eco-Friendly. Another great quality about bamboo fabric is that it is hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for pets with sensitive skin. It is important to note that our bamboo fabric is Oeko-Tex Certified and is free from harmful substances. 

With quality as our top priority, it is important to us that everything is made ethically and with love. We care more than anything about pets and it's so important to us that the products they wear are comfortable, safe, and made well. We typically do small production runs which allows us to maintain excellent quality control. We mindfully make every effort to use eco-friendly and sustainable materials, including 100% recycled clothing tags and packaging. This is a line that you will adore so much you will be wanting for yourself!

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