About us

The Sharper Barker was inspired by my dachshund, Dash. When I started shopping for him, I couldn't find products that I was happy with. The clothes didn't fit around his chest, were too short for his body or the sleeves were too long for his tiny legs. Plus Dash refused to go outside when it was cold or wet, and he was always shivering. He needed something with a little warmth, to keep him protected from the elements and fit his unique shaped body.

Our goal was to make clothing that fit dogs unique shapes better, while using high quality materials. We started out with one size and quickly expanded to nine sizes to fit as many dogs as we could. Our clothing is proudly made in Canada.

Searching for the perfect fabric is when we came across bamboo and instantly fell in love with it's antibacterial qualities, how incredibly breathable it is and how luxuriously soft it feels. Did you know bamboo fabric is naturally UV-protected? It protects from up to 97.5% of harmful UV rays. Bamboo fabric is also hypoallergenic, making it a great option for pets with sensitive skin. Our bamboo fabric is Oeko-Tex Certified and is free from harmful substances.

Since launching our first hoodie, we have created many limited edition styles, a capsule collection that we continue to restock and most recently we launched our walking accessories. We are excited to share new products with you as we continue to grow our small business.

- Chantel & Dash