Size Guide


With a soft measuring tape, measure around the neck as you would for a collar. Measure around the chest at the widest point behind the front legs. If your dog has a large chest or is close to the high end of a size, we recommend sizing up.
For the length, measure from the base of your dog's neck to the base of the tail. As every dog is unique, our clothing will fit each dog a bit differently.

Email us at if you need help with sizing. We're happy to help you out! Please refer to the appropriate size chart as some measurements vary between styles. 

Sleeveless Hoodie Measurements

sleeveless hoodie

Hoodie Measurements

hoodie sizes

Rain Jacket Measurements

rain jacket sizes

Turtleneck Measurements

turtleneck sizes

Crew Sweater Measurements

crew sweater sizes

Adjustable Harness Measurements

harness sizes    
(use this as a guide only)

Size 000

Teacup Dogs and dogs 5 pounds and under

Size 00

Standard yorkies, Chihuahuas, Maltese, Small cats

Size 0

Shih Tzu's, Mini Dachshunds (10-13 pounds), Cats, Pomeranians

Size 1

Pugs, Boston terriers and Mini Dachshunds (14-16 pounds)

Size 2

French Bulldog, Pugs, Italian Greyhound, Standard Dachshund

Size 3

French bulldogs, English bulldogs and Corgis, Staffys

Size 4

Cockapoos, English bulldogs, Border Collie, Corgis

Size 5

Labs, English bulldogs, Pit bulls, Bully breeds

Size 6

American bulldogs and Boxers, Labs, Great Danes (stretchy apparel)