• @rockin.weenies

    "Lightweight and keeps the water off our boys’ precious ‘low clearance’ chest! Love the style and the lining. It fits his long body so fantastically. Just happy to have something that actually covers his weenie bum!"-

  • Frenchton Review

    "Super soft material and the turtleneck fits my Frenchton perfectly! I’ve found that other brands don’t quite fit my broad chested girl very well but Sharper Barker sizing is exactly what we’ve been looking for." - Leslie M.

  • @buckythepibble

    "We bought our rain jacket from the Pet Expo where the Sharper Barker had a booth. Great size selection, and the jacket fits quite well over a large pitbull chest. Keeps the rain off and looks very sharp! 10/10"

  • @itsrugerandremi

    "We love The Sharper Barker! Wonderful quality, excellent service, great turn around time, Canadian made! Can’t say enough good things about this company!"

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Our Story

Inspired by Dash. Clothing just didn’t fit right and the few things that did fit were too short for his long body - so we designed our apparel to fit dogs with longer bodies along with many other breeds. We have 9 sizes and fit dogs from 2 to 90+ pounds. Our best selling sleeveless styles are popular for short legged dogs. Cheers to no more crop tops 🥂

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  • "Nothing fits a long body better. Sharper Barker provides great quality and superior fit for my pups from tall to small. Sharper Barker is a great choice for dogs that need clothes for whatever reason"

  • "It is hard to find clothes to fit a mini dachshund. Love the soft, dachshund print fabric."

  • "It is SO hard to find a proper fitting sweater for dachshunds! This hoodie is not only high quality in construction, the material is buttery soft. We highly recommend the sweaters for our breed but for all dogs!"