Here at The Sharper Barker comfort is our top priority. We believe our dogs can feel good while looking good - without sacrificing style.

Our goal is to create lasting products through thoughtful and timeless designs.

From the founder...

Hi! I'm Chantel and I'm a crazy animal lover! I've been a dog owner for most of my life. Growing up our family always had pets and I fell in love with animals from a very young age. So much that I decided to be vegetarian from the mature age of 7!

Since moving out of my family home, my other half and I have two dogs, Oakley our black lab and Dash our dachshund. We got Oakley as a puppy in 2014 and 4 years later we got Dash, our feisty dachshund. They and the best of friends and you will see them modeling all over our website and social media!

Dash was the inspiration behind the brand. When he was a puppy, there was not many clothing options for him. He got cold easily and he refused to go outside in the rain. This inspired me to start a business and a little while after, The Sharper Barker was born.

We are a small family run company designing products for dogs and their humans since 2017. Thank you for visiting our store and we hope you find something that you love! If you have questions, use the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will respond as soon as possible. Connect with us on social media and sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

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