Do you dream about your dog wearing nice things? Dazzled in designer collars and leashes that are sure to make a statement. Do you feel satisfied knowing your dog will be one of the few pooches at the park rocking his super unique collar and matching designer leashes? Do you often think about what the next trendy accessory that you will be adorning on your pup? Do you think about your dog’s fashion and style more than your own? No? Well maybe that’s just us… but if you’re dog lovers too then you came to the right place, and you can definitely relate to our pet obsession on some level or another.

We love unique, one of a kind pet products so that you and your furry friend will stand out at the dog park and sparkle on the side walk. Shop our collection of unique designer collars in a variety of styles and don't miss our one of a kind rope collection, featuring marine-grade hand dyed rope and hues for every occasion.

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