7 Benefits of Pet Apparel

7 Benefits of Pet Apparel
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What's up with pet apparel anyways?

Pet apparel is growing in popularity as pet owners are realizing that dressing our dogs (and cats) has many benefits that allow our pets to live happier lives. It is no longer about putting your dog in a cute little dress, it is much more than that. 

In general, pet owners are treating their pets more and more like family members, allowing us to listen better to what our pets are saying to us. Sound silly? If I wasn't paying full attention to my dog and treating him like my baby, I may not know that he is cold and shivering or that he has a rash that should be covered up. I also know that my lab who is pretty shy, enjoys wearing The Sharper Barker apparel as he feels safe. Having something holding him probably helps his anxiety and makes him feel more comfortable.

Our pets are being treated more like humans and the transition from having 'just a pet' to a family member in dog form; is becoming a total reality now. The problem is that there isn't a whole lot of quality products out there when it comes to pet apparel. The majority of dog clothes available are poorly made, mass produced and are terrible for the environment. They fall apart quickly and the chemicals used in the process can be harmful to our pets. 

Benefits of Pet Apparel


  • Minimize shedding indoors 
    Wearing apparel inside will help to minimize shedding by keeping the pet hair contained in the garment. Just toss the hoodie in the wash and voila - minimal amounts of pet hair on your furniture!

  • Provides sense of comfort and protection
    Wearing clothing can help pets with anxiety or ones that are a little shy. Giving them that extra layer can help them feel safe and comforted.


  • Reduces itching, chewing, scratching
    If your dog has a rash or suffers from allergies, covering them with a nice lightweight tee will help stop the contact and bamboo fabric enables the skin to breath and can help relieve irritated skin.


  • Extra layer of warmth on chilly days
    Short hair? No hair? Dogs and cats get cold.


  • Keep cool on warmer days
    A lightweight dog tee or dog hoodie can keep your dog cool, especially from fabrics like bamboo which are highly breathable and naturally stay cooler in hot weather.


  • Keep dry on wet days
    If you have a dog that hates the rain, you know how crucial it is to have a good waterproof rain jacket.

7 Benefits Of Pet Apparel

  • Contain dander & reduce human allergy symptoms
    Going to a friend’s house with your dog? Maybe they’re coming to see you. Help reduce their allergy symptoms by bringing your dog dressed. This will help keep the allergy causing dander contained.


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